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Spring cleaning

We'll use some elbow grease to make everything right as rain.

Our Spring Cleaning includes:

  • ​Vacuum upholstered furniture including pillows and cushions  
  • Refrigerators cleaned - inside and out 
  • Ovens cleaned - inside and out 
  • Wipe down and polish legs, bases and kitchen cabinets
  • Window sills and tracks thoroughly wiped down 
  • Door frames and walls spot cleaned 
  • Baseboards wiped clean 
  • Treat wood bedroom furniture with approved product and soft cloth 
  • Inside of windows will be cleaned using appropriate solution and cloth 
  • Outside Windows cleaned using appropriate solution (additional charges apply)
Maid Service

Choose from once-a-month cleaning services or weekly maintenance.

Reason to hire a housekeeper

Would you love to have more free time, be healthier, and have less stress in your life. LCS can help you!

Orange County Maid Service
Annual clean

The once or twice a year cleaning we all dread.  But keeping those kitchen cabinets nice and clean keeps your mind at peace.

Move in & Out Cleaning

You'll love your new place once you move in or if you're moving out, you'll want to stay.

Move In Cleaning Service

This cleaning project consists of all cleaning services included in the Maid Service plus:

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Orange County, CA

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Housekeeping Quote

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