Lifetime Cleaning Services is a full service cleaning services in Orange County offering not only standard maid service but spring cleaning, annual cleaning services and holiday or after party clean-up services as well.

Our team members pride themselves in consistently creating a clean home environment for you to enjoy using ECO Friendly products safe for you and your family. Our cleaning personnel are licensed and insured.

House cleaning services are experienced personnel, who make sure your home is nice and clean, so you can enjoy all the other activities you love to do. There are many reasons to why to choose a skillful and trustworthy house cleaning. Finding a trustworthy housekeeper is easy to do. Rely on word of mouth and reputable online directories and search engines that focus in matching cleaning jobs. Many home owners already identify why they would like a maid service, but below are many reasons that they might not realize. 

Reason #1 to Hire a Maid Service: Health Concerns

Many germs and particles can accumulate inside your home if you don’t regularly maintain the cleaning of your kitchen cabinets, ovens, refrigerators, bathroom sinks, and bedroom furniture. These surfaces can be a source of many bacteria. Dust from outside, pet hair, and pollen can trigger many allergies and breathing concerns. Up keeping your house using a regular maintenance cleaning schedule and using a house cleaning services that uses Eco-Friendly Products, keeps your house in a healthy environment. You will find your health improving. These products smell good, and get the job done.

Reason #2 to Hire to Hire our House Cleaning Services: Moving

If you are preparing to move, hiring experienced house cleaners for a move in/out cleaning service is one of the finest opportunities to invest in. They know what needs to be done in order for the next tenant to move in and ensure you get back some or all of your cleaning deposit back. Let the right cleaning service make your old place look new again.

Reason #3 to Hire our Cleaning Services: Not enough time in your day.

Do you feel like you spend all your free time using all your cleaning supplies like your mop, vacuum, and dust buster? Are your weekends crammed with cleaning your house and doing the laundry? Getting your house cleaned and laundry done at the same time is the way to go. Would like to have some time to enjoy activities such as visiting Disneyland, touring the Queen Mary, or watching movies at the Irvine Spectrum or relaxing at the San Diego Zoo? Maybe, you should do something that feels like you had a day off.

Many people now just don’t have the time to clean their houses, due to them working long hours or having 2 jobs and are not able to clean on a regular basis. Hiring the perfect maid service like Lifetime Cleaning Services to come on a regular maintenance schedule will take cleaning your home off your priority list, so you can enjoy the activities you enjoy. House cleaning services gives you more time in your busy schedule for this reason.

More Free Time!!!

Less Stress!!!

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Reason to Hire our House Cleaning Services