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Move in & Out Cleaning

You'll love your new place once you move in or if you're moving out, you'll want to stay.

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LCS has reasonable prices for many services to fit every client's unique needs

Reason to hire a housekeeper

Would you love to have more free time, be healthier, and have less stress in your life. LCS can help you!

Reasons to Hire a Maid
Spring Cleaning

We'll use some elbow grease to make everything right as rain.

Move Out In Cleaning Service
Maid Service

Choose from once-a-month cleaning services or weekly maintenance.

Our Maid Service includes:

All Rooms
Clean, Dust, remove cobwebs, and vacuum. Dust windows sills, doors, blinds, picture frames, lamps, furniture, ceiling fans, air returns, woodwork, shelves, light switch covers, and baseboards. Vacuum carpets and wash floors throughout. Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.  Interior and exterior of windows cleaned and wiped down with appropriate cloth (additional charges apply)

Clean appliances, cabinets, table, and chairs. Sanitize and scrub counter, sinks and back splashes. Clean exterior of stove and refrigerator, Clean interior and exterior of microwave and toaster. Wash, dry and store dishes and glasses, and or load the dishwasher. Clean interior of stove and refrigerator (additional charges apply).

Living Room
All furniture will be dusted and wiped. Carpet or area rugs will be vacuumed and wood floors will be washed. All electronic equipment will be dusted and cleaned. Clean and wipe interior and exterior of sliding glass doors.

Dining Rooms
Carpet or area rugs will be vacuumed throughout. All furniture including glass and wood tables will be dusted and wiped down.

All bed linen will be changed (upon request) and made. Complete dusting including mirrors, night tables, dressers, and lamps.

Clean, disinfect and deodorize showers, bathtubs, vanities, interior of cabinets, mirrors, sinks and toilets. Wash and scrub floors, tile walls and polish chrome. Clean and disinfect bathroom floor. Change and or straighten towels neatly arranged.

Deep Clean
Annual clean

The once or twice a year cleaning we all dread.  But keeping those kitchen cabinets nice and clean keeps your mind at peace.

Choose between a Monthly or Weekly Maintenance for the maid service below:  


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