​​​​1. Is there a requirement for a contract for a maintenance cleaning service in Orange County to be signed? 

No; however, it is advisable for a maintenance service for your home in order to keep it in a like new condition. The elements of the environment will deteriorate the surface. Lifetime Cleaning Services (LCS) accommodates these requests. 

2. Can we trust your employees with our Orange County housekeeping jobs? 

All LCS employees are prudently interviewed and provide several personal and professional references before being hired. LCS only hires the most responsible and qualified personnel. 

3. Do your employees receive any training? 

A housekeeper, who is hired at Lifetime Cleaning Services, has experience in housekeeping, and or Hotels & Resorts with Eco-Friendly products. The cleaners are supervised and trained personally by Linda herself to ensure their training, experience, and working ethics are to her company’s standards. All LCS cleaners are fully trained on our unique cleaning approach and must adhere to a detailed checklist. 

4. Do you have a license and insurance for house cleaning services in Orange County?

LCS is fully licensed through the City of Anaheim to work in the surrounding areas, and we are also fully insured. We carry $1,000,000 Business Liability.

While our team members are trained on proper cleaning procedures and pride themselves in being careful, if anything were to get broken as the result of something one of our team members did while cleaning - we want to step up to make it right!

That means trying to as quickly as possible to either repair or replace it - and because all of our team members are insured, we would file a claim whenever necessary to help resolve the situation.

5. Do you provide your own supplies, or can we have you use our products we like?

LCS provides all equipment and cleaning supplies. We buy our own products through Natural Visions. The customer is not required to buy our Eco-Friendly products. However, if the customer prefers we use their products, we can accommodate them.  

6. Do you provide free estimates? 

Yes, we provide free estimates. Linda meets with the customer personally on her first visit to ensure the right service meets the customer needs and the needs of the house or office. A thorough inspection is conducted to meets those needs. The customer is provided with the inspection outcome. You may also fill out a
Quote Form prior to the walk-through. 

7. Are your products Eco-Friendly? 

All our cleaning supplies are Eco-Friendly, which are certified through Green Seal and PETA Cruelty Free seal of approval. 

8. Does the same employee clean my house? 

Yes, we always try to clean your home using the same housekeeper each time, unless due to sickness or other emergency, we are unable to do so.

We want you to feel confident in our team members, and they are eager to get to deliver a custom cleaning for your home as quickly as possible.

Personnel supplied by Lifetime Cleaning Services are deemed employees of Lifetime Cleaning Services and will not, for any purpose, be considered employees or agents of the customer. Lifetime Cleaning Services is an equal opportunity employer. All necessary employment forms will be maintained by our office as required by law.

9. What is your satisfaction policy?

LCS has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us within 24 hours and Linda will come out, inspect the problems areas herself, and send back the cleaner or do it herself to correct any problem and clean to your satisfaction. 

10. Can you provide references? 

LCS has many happy customers in Orange County. For a list of LCS’s references, please email us at You can also check out our reviews.

11. How much do you charge and how do I request a quote?

LCS has many prices for many cleaning services. There are so many variables to a maid service, it is best to provide a few pieces of information in order for LCS to create your own unique price.  Please click on the following link for a custom quote.

12. When will your housekeeper arrive to clean?

Our team members clean during the day from  7:00 AM - 5:00 PM - each home is assigned a time during the day for cleaning. Our team members do their very best to stick as closely to those start times as possible.

However, the arrival time may vary slightly due to things such as traffic, or if our team members find they need to spend a little longer at a home to handle a special request.

If you require a definite starting time for our team members, our office would be more than happy to talk about possible solutions such as making your scheduled cleaning the first appointment of the day.

13. Is there anything I should do before you arrive to clean?

Nice of you to ask - yes, it can help our team members if you pick up or put away any clothes, children's toys or other items before we arrive. It is also appreciated if you could make sure your pet is safe and secure before our cleaning associates come to clean. Thanks!

14. What if I can't be home when your team members arrive to clean?

No problem, this is very common. That's why many of our clients decide to provide us with a key and a code if they have an alarm system for their home. All keys are securely marked and controlled to maintain your security.

This arrangement works very well and allows us to access your home to clean at the appropriate day and time. 

15. What if I need to reschedule or skip my regular cleaning?

Again, no problem! We realize that life gets busy and sometimes things happen requiring you to move things around. We ask that you please let us know at least 24 hours in advance, so we can change our team member's schedules or arrange for an alternative time and date for your cleaning.

16. What about holidays?

We'll call well in advance of any those nationally recognized holidays to arrange for a better day and time. Speaking of the holidays, be sure to let us know if you are ever in need of extra cleaning in advance of family get together, dinner or party - we're here to help.

17. When is payment due? How should I pay?

Payment is due on your regularly scheduled cleaning day.

Many of our customers find it easiest to simply leave a check or cash payment out for our team members on the kitchen counter to collect when they arrive to begin their work.  We offer services such as Venmo and Quickpay.

18. How does Lifetime Cleaning Services make sure things go right?

Delivering high-quality, worry-free house cleaning services in Orange County depends a great deal on the maid service ability to send out only properly trained cleaning personnel who receive regular inspections and direction from managers.

At Lifetime Cleaning Services, all of our team members and supervisors are trained and experienced in the latest, safest and most effective methods for cleaning homes - like yours!